Volume Extensions

In Volume lash extension, multiple thin lashes are applied to your individual lash to give a voluminous eyelash look to the eyes. Through this extension, you will achieve a fluffier and bold appearance.
New Set $110
Fill $70 and up
Weekly Touch Up $40

Hybrid Extension

Our Hybrid extensions are the perfect mixture of natural and volume methods. With it, you will achieve a more moderate density that gives your eyelashes a fuller, fluffier, and more textured look.
New Set $100
Fill $60 and up
Weekly Touch Up $35

Natural Extensions

This Natural set will provide a darker line, increasing the length and volume of the eyelashes, and It will look thick, long, and natural, giving you an appearance like you have applied mascara. In short, natural extensions are most suitable for women who want to fill out the lash line and want to give a natural curl to the lashes. If this is your first time try eyelash extensions this set is recommended for you.
New Set $90
Fill $50 and up
Weekly Touch Up $30